Dressing by Jean Antoine Watteau

Dressing by Jean Antoine Watteau

Painting of the French painter Antoine Watteau “Dressing”. The size of the painting is 44 x 37 cm, canvas, oil.

In the domestic, genre and theatrical scenes of his paintings – the gallant festivities, marked by the exquisite tenderness of colorful nuances, the quaintness of the drawing, Antoine Watteau recreated the world of the most subtle mental states.

And decorative works, and small paintings, and large paintings by Watteau – “Pilgrimage to the island of Kiefer”, and the glorious work “The sign of the shop Gersen” distinguish typical for the artist

Watteau features: amazing painting, quivering and tender; the subtlest range of fleeting moods; masterly compositional mastery – the mastery of a director who suddenly stopped the perfectly thought-out theatrical action at the most important moment of the dramatic development of the relationships and characters of the characters.

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