Dance around the golden calf by Nicola Poussin

Dance around the golden calf by Nicola Poussin

When Moses spent forty days and nights on Mount Sinai talking to God, the people of Israel were tired of waiting. They needed a new guide who would go ahead and show them the way to the Promised Land. And they asked Aaron, Moses’ elder brother, to make the statue of the pagan god to worship him.

Aaron collected gold jewelry from all the women and cast a golden calf out of them. Before a polished calf shining brightly in the sun, he placed an altar. Everyone looked at him like a miracle. Aaron promised to have a big party the next day.

The next day, everyone dressed up in holiday clothes. Aaron offered a burnt offering on the altar. After that, everyone began to eat, drink, dance around the golden calf and praise Aaron for the appearance of a beautiful golden god. All this the Lord saw, was very upset and told Moses to go down to the people, for they were doing an unjust cause. “Your people have become corrupt,” said He to Moses, “which you brought out of the land of Egypt.”

When Moses saw a dance around the golden calf, he ignited anger, went to the altar and threw the calf into the fire. Then he separated those who recognize the laws of God from those who do not recognize them. Those who wanted to serve the golden calf were killed by the sons of Levi. After which the Lord told Moses to lead the people further.

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