Coast of the sea by Konstantin Bogaevsky

Coast of the sea by Konstantin Bogaevsky

In Bogaevsky’s desire to move from the real to the more fantastic images and find “another world, the unearthly” was his desire to counteract the gray philistine vegetation with something immeasurably more significant. And this can be regarded as an upsurge of his creative powers, born of a protest against everyday vulgarity. In the desire to write “a great, grandiose, as a Beethoven melody” was something high-human, humane. The artist wanted to create a work that promotes the perfection of man, awakening in him a rush to the beautiful.

A characteristic work of Bogaevsky of this period is the painting “The Coast of the Sea”. The theme in it remains the same, it is an ancient Cimmeria, deserted and deserted. But the inner content of the landscape is changing noticeably. An alarming, dramatic state of nature, inherent in the artist’s earlier works, is replaced here by calm, which is felt in a stone plateau with a wall of guard at the top, and in low sea waves, and in a bright sky with floating clouds. But this is not the serenity of a serene existence.

The artist introduces notes of solemn sound to the nature of the Crimea and endows the romantically upbeat system of his work with a touch of majesty and grandeur. At the edges of the canvas, he places tall deciduous trees. They, as it were, determine the scale of objects and at the same time serve as a kind of decorative reception-wings, which designate the development of space into the depths of the landscape. A sense of depth is created also by alternating the wide color planes of greenish water, gray-purple earth and blue-blue sky, which are arranged in steps from dark, saturated color to lighter, lightened.

The sky Bogaevsky writes an elongated vertical and separate smear. The clouds cause a glaze, a more smoothed manner of writing in this case makes it possible to convey their roundness, lightness and fluffiness. With dense smear strokes, the artist sculpts the shape of the earth cover, the blue-shaded color of the shadows, he highlights the illuminated gray-pink stones and rocks.

In the painting “Coast of the Sea” Bogaevsky as a whole collectively solves the earth, water, sky, but gives an original ornamental image to the crowns of the original trees, which are laced with a dark silhouette against a light background of the sky. The subdued coloring of the picture, the clarity of the outlines of large color spots, the ornamentality of the image of individual parts, the unique finishing of the texture of the paint layer make the picture look like a tapestry.

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