Mountain landscape by Konstantin Bogaevsky

Mountain landscape by Konstantin Bogaevsky

The painting “Mountain Landscape” refers to the number of paintings by the artist, marked by mature craftsmanship. It represents the collective image of the nature of the eastern Crimea. The cliffs of Koktebel, the magnificent trees of the Old Crimea, the mountain rivers of Sudak are all concentrated in a single majestic landscape. Through a calm, not cluttered in the details front view penetrates to the middle of the picture, which carries the main plot load. Here are the slopes of the mountains, the trees by the pond, the jet of the waterfall between the rocks. And beyond them are seen the tops of distant mountains and the sky, covered with clouds. In the work the artist uses the cut-off plans, but they are not as clearly expressed as in his landscapes of the early 1930s.

Bogaevsky achieves a very subtle color transition from one plan to another and thereby achieves an impression of the completeness and unity of the real species. In the picture everything corresponds to nature written off from it, but at the same time tactfully generalized, brought to the color construction, where the predominant is the picturesque paintings of Bogaevsky of this time, the ohristoid-violet tone. The generalization of the natural coloring in the picture, the isolation of olive, brown, green, violet and blue tones, which are especially characteristic of the eastern Crimea, lead to the creation of a landscape image conceived by the author, strictly systematized.

The artist gives an energetic color accent in the original tree, written by a dark umber with a gradation of blue and ocher hues. Everything else-mountains, plants, sky with clouds, soil-he writes the same colors, but in lighter, muted tones. The colorful layer is thin, laid easily and freely by the confident hand of the painter, who came to such a manner of writing in a complicated way of searching, selecting, studying. The shadows in the painting are written in liquid, brown paints with blue reflections from the sky, blue tones are introduced into the greenery of the trees, and in the brown-ocherous earth-violet. In this case, in each individual object is transferred its materiality.

The entire picturesque-shaped structure of the painting “Mountain Landscape” is subject to a single goal-the creation of a heroic image of nature. In the strict compositional equilibrium of contour lines and color volumes, in the emotionality of the color of the landscape, the grandeur of the Crimean nature, its heroic epic, is felt.

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