Coast of the sea with a rock by Arkhip Kuinji

Coast of the sea with a rock by Arkhip Kuinji

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi created in the genre of landscape, constantly creating new forms and types of images. Landscape work “Coast of the sea with a rock” was created not a single year. Currently, the picture is in the Kirov Regional Art Museum. VM and AM Vasnetsov.

For writing “Shore of the sea with a rock,” oil paints were used, and instead of a canvas, paper on cardboard. The picture is bright, warm, light. For the canvas is characterized by a feeling of serenity, peace, quiet joy. The space of the sky and the sea forms a complex beautiful color stretch of blue hues.

In pastel colors, the mountains are painted in the background. To create them, we used such delicate shades and colors as purple, sirenovato-pink, compound blue colors. Basically, the distant plan with the image of the mountains is cold, strict and beautiful in its “cool” shades.

The front of the landscape is warmer and full of rainbow reflections. The front part of the canvas resembles a colorful kaleidoscope. The shore of the sea seems to shimmer with a variety of colors of green, emerald, pearl. All this forms an interesting, reminiscent impressionistic painting, a pattern of the coast.

The rocky shore precisely frames the sea, warming and enveloping it with its warm sun, warm breath. The landscape is alive, he has his own character, his face, sunny, friendly, with a kind, open smile.

“Coast of the sea with a rock” – a landscape that sounds, a landscape that is filled with air, the ease of being. The rays of light make the surrounding air more pure, transparent. The sun as such is not traced, but it is felt in the mottling and shimmering of shades, brightness and saturation of colors, crystal clearness of oil paints, smoothness, velvet lines, softness of stroke.

The picture shows only part of the rock. The rock is densely illuminated by the sun, steep, steep, intensified by sharp light-shadow contrasts. The image of the rock graphically and in color “drops out” from the general muted-pastel soft color. The rock is not exactly from this picture, it is knocked out of the general background by its invincibility, opacity, density of paint application, sharply outlined forms, rough, sharp, aggressive.

The image of the shore and the rock is filled with contradictions, the contrast of color and form. The image of the rock upsets the harmony of the landscape, introduces into it an element of vulnerability and chaos, giving the canvas a lively sound of real colors, warm shades, sunny summer days.

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