The Mother of God &; “Quench My Sorrows”, with the four saints on the fields

The Mother of God &; Quench My Sorrows, with the four saints on the fields

The veneration of this image dates back to 1640, when the icon was brought to Moscow. Unfortunately, the original source has not reached our days. Repetitions of the XVII century. also we are not yet known. The earliest example is an icon from the Moscow church, dating from 1773. Most of the surviving icons of this type date back to the 19th century.

“Security”, expressed in the name of the icon, found a lively response from the worshipers, which contributed to the wide distribution of the image, especially in the XIX century. This icon is supplemented with images of the family patrons of the

customer: Guardian angel, St Stephen of Sourozh, Queen Alexandra, Nikita the warrior.

The thoroughness of the performance, the desire to preserve the traditional icon-painting make it possible to attribute the icon to the work of Palekh masters. Celebration of the icon “Quench My Sorrows” is celebrated on February 7 n. Art.

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