Our Lady of Tenderness

– The work belongs to the iconographic type of Affection. The icon is quite close to the “Tenderness of Yaroslavl”, but with a number of differences, the most radical of

The Holy Martyr Panteleimon

The holy martyr doctor Panteleimon was very revered in Russia. He lived at the turn of the III-IV centuries. in Nicomedia. He received the basics of Christian knowledge from his

Only-begotten son

In the center are depicted: the Lord of hosts in glory, with the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove in the bosom; lower – Emanuel the Savior, who


Above the cloud, dividing the composition in two, in the red oval mandorla – the Mother of God, stretched out with both hands a white cover. Above her in the

St Nicholas of Mozhaisk

This iconographic type, created on Russian soil, was inspired by concrete historical events. Despite the canonical ban to make sculptural images of saints, the carved wooden Nicolas took a place

Trinity by Icon

The icon accurately reproduces the iconography and decorative decoration of the miraculous image of the work of the Reverend Andrei Rublev. His famous salary is an independent work of the

The Crucifixion with the upcoming

The icon embodies the main episode of the Passion of the Lord – the Crucifixion. Evangelists describe in sufficient detail the suffering and death of the God-man on the cross

Angel of the Golden Vlas

The ancient icon has reached our days with large losses of the paint layer and late alterations. The background, the inventory of the head of the archangel and part of