Tahitians on the river bank by Paul Gauguin

Tahitians on the river bank by Paul Gauguin

The impression of colors, the exoticism of the landscape, the abundance of female nudity – the details of one picture of Tahitian motives in the performance of one of the greatest representatives of the French post-impressionism, Paul Gauguin. “Tahitians on the banks of the river” – a work that has a compositional feature of building plans. They are like layers of cake – the first, second, long, – have their texture, color ratio, technique of execution. We will analyze this sad dessert into its components. What opens the first plan? It’s a cool palette of water. It is like woven from bright colorful pieces.

In the river water, reflections are lost, blurring the sharpness of the images of those who have sat down on warm stones on the shore. This layer is crunchy and brittle, minty taste with a smooth oily shine Further – the main second plan with the heroines of the picture. This is the most delicious and rich in hues of the Hagen dessert.

Here vanished vanilla and peach, overdone biscuit and cinnamon. The faded grass is mixed with sand, on which exotic beauties recently walked, leaving raw traces. White blocks of stones are like snowballs – sweet and sticky. They are tired women.

Some are talking, others are watching the escaping water and clouds creating a smooth shroud. This is the most difficult to prepare impregnation, revealing the idea of creating a simple picture of how serene is sometimes the life of the islanders. And there, at the horizon line, the pink marshmallow of the sky is white. It is covered with a delicate crust of peach color formed by the rays of the outgoing sun. Beautiful scenery gives out the easy manner of Gauguin, his easy temper and passion for the triumph of multicolor. He still uses the outline of the silhouettes, the different degrees of the slope of oil strokes and the density of colors, so that the plot has a certain contrast of details and their sharpness.

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