Sleeping children by Vasily Perov

Sleeping children by Vasily Perov

The peaceful picture of the resting children brings peace of mind. Even the tone of the canvas speaks of a strong, sound sleep. It seems that the kids are comfortable on this simple bed. A straw mattress and a pillow, a wicker basket and a partition of planks are all that surrounds the children. And this creates an idea of their modest wealth. This seems to me a picture of V. G. Perov.

The work of the great master should be considered slowly in order to understand who these babies are and what awaits them. The sun highlights the girl more, as if she focuses on the purity of her image and beauty. So small, and so light, she seemed to be radiant. A simple dress and these cheap beads show the little girl naughty and nimble. But her brother, he seems to me a little older than my sister, a real peasant. And his clothes are like adults, and the sleep is deeper. Maybe he is now dreaming that parents need to help cope with household chores, or that other worries have piled on his entire family. The legs of both of them are bare and trampled, it seems that during their short years they have already passed so many roads, or rather they have run and rode.

Poor environment indicates a modest position of the family in society. I even had the impression that there was no father, and that the little boy, feeling the role of the head of the family, was forced to take care of both his mother and younger sister. Perhaps it is very difficult for him to keep up. But while he sleeps, he can relax and run around with the other guys in a dream, play their unpretentious games.

Judging by the fact that the sun’s rays so boldly illuminate the premises, the night had already passed, and morning came. It seems that the mother of the little ones, not waiting for them to wake up and come running to help her with household chores, came to wake them up. The sun rises, and the work does not wait, but the parent froze, examining her children, afraid to wake the kids. As if she, with her slowness, wants to give them a few more minutes of serene childhood.

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