Self-portrait by Paolo Veronese

Self portrait by Paolo Veronese

Self-portrait of Paolo Veronese, the painting was painted by the artist in mature age. The size of the portrait is 63 x 51 cm, canvas, oil. Paolo Veronese, an Italian painter, is one of the biggest representatives of the late Italian Renaissance.

Paolo Veronese’s family came from Lombardy, but moved to Verona, where the grandfather and father of the future artist, stonemasons, worked on the construction of city walls. Paolo was educated in the architect Michele San Michele, who received the skills of stone processing, in drawing, but he did not become an architect. Soon, Paolo moved to the painter Antonio Badile, in the studio of which he received the nickname Veronese.

Under the guidance of Badil, the novice artist made drawings from the prints of Raphael, Durer, and at the end of the 1540s, as biographers reported, he began to work independently. The vocation Paolo Veronese was a monumental painting, which allowed him to show imagination, mastery of compositional designs, a magnificent gift of a colorist. Paolo Veronese began, according to the surviving information, from the murals of suburban villas of the patricians of the Veneto region and the facades of the houses.

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