Windy day. Bull by Nikolay Krymov

Windy day. Bull by Nikolay Krymov

Krymov, in my opinion, can be attributed to one of the best landscape painters of the 20th century. His ability to realistically show everyone a long time favorite place, that when viewing, we involuntarily become participants in his work. My favorite work for this author is the painting “Windy Day: The Bull”, it was painted in 1908.

Looking for the first time on this work, I felt anxiety and excitement, I was scared of the wind that blows with irresistible force, I heard the noise of swaying tree branches. This picture differs from the rest with its hurricane. The sky is covered with clouds,

and the wind raises clouds of dust from the ground.

In my opinion, thunder and lightning will soon strike, usually with such a wind it can not do without rain. We see a shepherd who hurries to drive his animals into the stall to wait for the hurricane in the heat. At the gate, his assistant waved his arms, as if urging the animals to hurry.

We see in the picture that the approaching thunderstorms are afraid not only by animals, but also by people. White cow slowly, stealthily moves to the right place, then the bull, pictured in the picture in black, begins to rebel with fear. His tail is cocked, the horns are ready to fight with fear, he ducked to the ground. It seems that, here’s the lightning, and from fear the ox rushes towards the hurricane. Hurricane can be compared with the bull, they resemble their temperament and rebellious nature.

I do not like such manifestations of the weather, and I try to stay at home during the rain, thunder and lightning. Sometimes I’m afraid to go to the window. I love this weather, wrapped in a blanket, with a cup of tea. Read interesting books. At this moment, nothing can distract me from reading a fascinating novel. Thanks to the artist for creating a realistic image, which allowed us to compare the bull with the storm, and fantasize. More of such works in art.

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