Prometheus by Gustave Moreau

Prometheus by Gustave Moreau

Retelling the myth of Titan Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to people, is not particularly necessary. This myth is not without reason one of the most famous and beloved. Form

Prometheus has repeatedly inspired both artists and writers, and since the twentieth century has found a solid place in world cinema.

Reading about the torments of Prometheus, one involuntarily expects them to be shown in one form or another, reproduced in the next work of art. In the picture of the French artist Gustave Moreau, however, there is no plaque of naturalism. The picture is stingy and laconic in

terms of the expressive means used by the author.

The background is yellow-brown, the color is dark. The figure of Prometheus, of course, is the semantic center of the whole work. The fact that it is almost completely naked is not surprising – after all, in Greece there existed a cult of the naked human body, moreover, it was the male body. Yes, and Prometheus is composed magnificently, in proportion.

No, he does not resemble a martyr, even the chains with which Zeus ordered to chain the disobedient will of the gods to the rock are not visible. Only on the ankles shackles are guessed. From the side, an eagle is already sizzling, preparing to peck out Prometheus’s liver. And in the eyes of the latter, one continues to read the adamant determination to stand up to the end and not repent of anything.

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