Appearance by Gustave Moreau

For the show at the Salon, Moreau chose the watercolor version, and left this oil painting in the workshop along with two other, smaller canvases, which also showed scenes with

Bathsheba by Gustave Moreau

According to the Bible, Bathsheba was a woman of rare beauty. King David, walking on the roof of his palace, saw Beersheba bathing downstairs. Her husband, Uriah the Hittite, was

Sirens by Gustave Moreau

From the 1870s, Moro’s heightened interest in color led the artist to experiment with an abstract composition, the basis of which was a bold, carefully thought out contrast of tones.

Phaeton by Gustave Moreau

The first car inevitably had to be like a wagon or cart – after all, it was created not from scratch, but on the principle of analogy, similarity. Carts and

Unicorns by Gustave Moreau

Very often, the source of Moro’s inspiration became works of medieval art. The artist believed that medieval symbols could be used to spiritualize contemporary art. Moreau hundreds of times copied