Portrait of Wilhelm Ude by Pablo Picasso

Portrait of Wilhelm Ude by Pablo Picasso

The portraits created by the great master at this time are recognized as the pinnacle of the development of cubism. At the beginning of the 20th century, Wilhelm Uhde had a reputation as the discoverer of new names in art. His critical articles drew the attention of the public to new directions in art, deciphered the intricate techniques of modern artists, their ideology and creative program.

Grateful artists gladly painted portraits of their “impresario”. Picasso is no exception. The portrait clearly appears in the geometric elements. In a characteristic manner – poor color, muffled and

inexpressive tones, illusiveness, subtext – the author gives us an image of a person who is no doubt intelligent and scrupulous in all its manifestations.

A slightly caricature image only underlines the informal and friendly relationship between the model and the artist. The author makes fun of his hero’s meticulousness: the flawless collar of his shirt is seized with the same flawless tie, the carefully smoothed hair pierces the parting, the rigid and clear lip line completes the portrait.

A small detail of the background – a paper rectangle nailed to the wall – again emphasizes the particular character of the Ude character, symbolizing his indestructible passion for accuracy, order and concrete.

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