Portrait of Lucas van Leiden by Albrecht Durer

Portrait of Lucas van Leiden by Albrecht Durer

The portrait of Lucas van Leiden Albrecht Durer wrote during the peak of his talent. The virtuoso possession of the artist’s technique, all the tools and means of drawing, says every stroke in this work. The picture is filled with chalk and charcoal on paper, that is, no corrections or improvements.

With the firm hand of the brilliant artist, Albrecht Durer made this impeccable portrait. It seems colored, we see a rich, exquisite cloth of a camisole, a lace collar of a shirt, a hat – all from different fabrics and materials. And the artist passed it by the meager methods of hatching, which is

inherent in an engraving. But he did so brilliantly that art critics have already ceased to argue on this topic, and we admire endlessly.

The portrait depicts a young man with beautiful and regular features. But in this portrait the hard work of thought, intellect and education of a man of the Renaissance are remembered. The Northern Renaissance and the ideas of the Reformation found resonance in the souls of the contemporaries of the great German artist who caught and transferred to the descendants these nuances and signs of the times.

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