Portrait of Jan Sixs by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

Portrait of Jan Sixs by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

Painting by the Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn “Portrait of Jan Sixs”. Portrait size 112 x 102 cm, oil on canvas. “So I, Ian Siks, looked. I, who from the very childhood read muses…” – is written in the family album of the pictured.

Jan Sixx, 12 years younger than Rembrandt, manufacturer, collector of works of art and poet, in his old age – the burgomaster of Amsterdam, has been a friend of the artist since the 40s, although not for long. “Six borrowed Rembrandt a sum of money and didn’t get it back. He passed the bill to someone else. In the following years, his taste was becoming more and more inclined to the classics… Having become a domestic man, Sixx adapted himself to the fashion then, which explains the choice of the artists portraying him wife, Bohl and Flink. But, regardless of all matters of taste, it seems that he was ashamed of the financial difficulties of Rembrandt.

Cash debt hit him. Was it due to the limited mind salary of the chaste burghers or the caution with which the politician seeking to make a career chose his friends? “- these assumptions, like others in Rembrandt’s biography, remain unproved.

“With its rich, striking variety of nuances of color, this portrait is an exception. Flaming-red raincoat, gray camisole, sandy-yellow gloves up to lush red hair – everything is a sliding play of colors, with the brilliance of gold bortovka and buttons, ending in a soothing tone of a dark hat which transfers the colorful vividness to a calm background.

The artist’s careful caution, and then – a sudden cast, a fundamental composition, and then – the easiest instrumentation – they create a joyful miracle of painting. ” This detached glance, this sarcastic melancholy, penetrating and cognizing, is a tragic enlightenment – they express depths that are not only in the person of the image.

Expressing strict patriciate self-confidence, class pride, they put the question to the future and at the same time give an answer to it. This portrait is a forward-looking, powerful and modern discovery of social human truth in a contemporary view.

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