Portrait of Saskia van Eilebürch by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

Portrait of Saskia van Eilebürch by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

In 1634, Rembrandt married a girl from a noble family – Saskia van Eilenburg. There comes the time of enthusiastic love, great happiness. Entering the life of Rembrandt, charming Saskia is included in his art. In love follows her eye artist.

One after another numerous sketches appear from under his hand. Now he portrays her dressed up in front of a mirror, then a patient waiting for the birth of a child, then a happy mother with her son in her arms. Several portraits of his lover creates Rembrandt in etching and painting. With ease, human warmth captivates the Dresden portrait of Saskia of 1633. Gracefully

bowing her head, she turns her face towards us.

Slyly eyes squint, a tender fleeting smile appears on the lips. It was at that moment, capricious, tender, flirtatious, and showed it to Rembrandt. And in the very mood and appearance of Saskna, and in the way Rembrandt perceives it, there is a genuine festivity. Warm light plays on the face and open neck. The lighted cheeks are turning pink, a milky-opaque pearl necklace glitters and shimmers, and an earring flickers in the transparent shadow.

Even the shaded green background, airy, deep, written on the brown underpainting in places, is filled with warmth and breath of light and shade. The colors of cherry, golden, blue tones of Saskia attire are woven into this holiday.

Nothing darkens her light, carefree, young joy. Those immediate mood of the minute that the artist is looking for and can not find either in the “Portrait of a scientist” or in the “Anatomy Lesson”, he simply, involuntarily, easily conveys in this portrait. The fleeting smile of his beloved is full of great poetry for him, of great human meaning.

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