Portrait of Maria Trip by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

Portrait of Maria Trip by Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine

Painting by the Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn “Portrait of Maria Trip”. Portrait size 107 x 82 cm, oil on canvas. Portrait of a twenty-year-old Maria Trip, sister of Jacob van Trip, subsequently the wife of Valtasar Goymans.

In the Amsterdam portraits, Rembrandt embodies the representatives of the Dutch burghers without flirting; the artist writes merchants and artists, preachers, scholars and government officials, their wives, including the spouse of the stateschal, the prince of Orange.

In two group portraits framing the first decade in Amsterdam, Rembrandt expresses his own view of

society and, ultimately, his own interpretation: in Dr. Tulp’s Anatomy, Rembrandt transforms the traditional, ostentatious depiction of a public anatomical lecture into a real process followed one feels the triumph of medical science, the human desire for research.

In the painting The Night Watch, Rembrandt transforms the traditional depiction of shooters into a romantic allegory of a burgher-democratic community, its ability to defend itself.

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