Portrait of A. Sisley with his wife by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Portrait of A. Sisley with his wife by Pierre Auguste Renoir

The work “Portrait of A. Sisley with his Wife”, created by Renoir in 1868. On the canvas, his friend, the impressionist painter Alfred Sisley and his wife, are depicted in full growth.

It is noticeable that the pair depicted in the picture is drawn in a free position, while the details of the portrait have a blurred outline, which is almost entirely consistent with the principles of impressionism.

Bright and elegant view of the picture gives the dress, which occupies a significant place on the canvas. To highlight the ladies’ toilet, Renoir made a drawing made at an angle of view from the top point.

Ordinary people who do not try to hide their true feelings walk in the midst of nature, whose image was made with the help of dots and spots of light tones.

The work, though early, is critical, according to critics. It feels the living feelings of loving hearts, and a departure from the conventions of the official portrait is noticeable.

The painting is kept in the Wallraf-Richard Museum, Cologne.

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