In the Garden by Pierre Auguste Renoir

In the Garden by Pierre Auguste Renoir

The main characters of the picture are a young boy and girl, resting in a quiet colorful garden on a clear day. A young man in a light gray suit gently holds the girl by the hand, and his other hand is on her waist. He admires her beauty, looking at her sweet face with a eager look. The girl on the contrary looks towards the viewer. Her eyes are a little thoughtful, because she had just received an offer to become the wife of her beloved, and all her thoughts are occupied with this. The picture is imbued with romance: plucked flowers, sensual looks, gentle touches…

Pierre Auguste Renoir was one of the most prominent representatives of impressionism, and also the founder. He masterfully painted portraits, depicted the life of society and the life of ordinary people, was a true connoisseur of beauty, ranging from female beauty to the magnificence of nature.

The artist was very popular, admired his work. Renoir won the sympathy of the audience with the enchanting beauty of the characters of his paintings. That large number of paintings depicting delicate and beautiful girls, of course, could not leave indifferent any man of that time. Many paintings of the artist depict any bright feelings, the main of which, no doubt, is love. It was she who shrouded the heroes of the painting In the Garden.

The painting “In the Garden” was painted by Pierre Renoir in 1885. At the moment, the canvas is included in the collection of the St. Petersburg Hermitage. The picture is painted in oil on an impressive canvas. For many years, almost no one knew about this work of art, for some reason the artist decided not to show it at exhibitions.

When creating this picture, Renoir moved a little away from the standard rules of the Impressionists. This time the picture is not just a portrait, it also has a storyline, which the author has always tried not to show. This work is not designed to hurt the soul and move the viewer; on the contrary, it carries the spirit of tranquility. The Impressionists considered tasteless paintings made strictly within the framework of a particular painting genre.

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