Portrait of Frederic Basil at the Easel by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Portrait of Frederic Basil at the Easel by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Renoir painted a portrait of Basil with great cordiality. It is felt in every detail depicted in the picture. The most unexpected thing in it is the point that Renoir found in order to present the audience of Basil and determine the entire portrait composition.

Renoir lived side by side with a friend and often watched as Basile worked on his paintings, which he assumed the position, how he was dressed. Therefore, the impression of complete authenticity and natural appearance of Frederick Basil is the strongest and most successful. It was in this find that Renoir’s talent first appeared.

Basile is not posing for the artist, he is working intently and deeply on his canvas, standing in front of him on the easel. Basil is dressed in a simple suit, and on his feet he has soft home shoes, tied with ribbons. He is sitting in a chair, and we see his profile, his head bowed to the palette. Light falls on the back, the back of the head and on the canvas, which he paints in oils.

Around hanging and standing leaning against the wall canvases, and on a flat background of the wall clearly written by Renoir profile of Frederick Basil. This picture especially liked Edouard Manet, and Renoir presented him with a portrait. Subsequently, Manet compared the new works of Renoir with this portrait… “

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