Trinity by Masaccio

Masaccio represents the image of the Trinity as it was in the tradition of the Renaissance, where God the Father was depicted as a gray-bearded patriarch sitting on the throne

Altar Obra by Masaccio

In the second edition of The Lives of the Most Famous Painters, George Vasari attributes to Masaccio the altar image he saw in the Church of Maria Maria Maggiore in

Lost paintings by Masaccio

In various sources you can find references to the lost paintings of Masaccio. For example, there was a fresco in which Masaccio depicted the scene of the consecration of the

Exile from Paradise by Masaccio

The frescoes of Masaccio and Mazolino in the Brancacci Chapel were restored more than once, the largest restoration works were carried out here after the fire of 1771, in 1902-04

Berlin Tondo by Masaccio

Apart from the documented panel of the Pisa polyptych, only a few paintings reached us, which are more or less likely attributed to the Masaccio brush. Among these works are

Adoration of the Magi by Masaccio

Initially, this picture was part of the Pisa polyptych, the most significant order that Masaccio received. The Adoration of the Magi was the central panel of the predella, the lower

Madonna Cassini by Masaccio

The image of the Madonna and Child Masaccio appealed repeatedly. For example, the artist gave the main role to this image, depicting him on the central panel of the triptych

Tribute Money by Masaccio

This fresco is considered the best. Sometimes it is called “post.” This episode Masaccio took the Gospel. Christ with his apostles traveled to different cities. Once they come in Kaperanum.