Madonna and Child and Saints by Titian Vecellio

Madonna and Child and Saints by Titian Vecellio

Created by Titian in the middle of life, when he became the first Venetian artist, this canvas is a model of his full-blooded, powerful, marked by the rich coloring of painting. It was written for the church of San Niccolò dei Frari in Lido, near Venice.

Madonna and Child on her knees and angels on the sides descends on a cloud to the saints Catherine, Nicholas, Peter, Antony, Francis and Sebastian. The Vision visits them in a church with open vaults. Each of the participants of the event experiences the phenomenon of the Virgin with the little Christ in its own way, but they are all connected by a deep

sense of solemnity of the moment.

This feeling is reinforced by the fact that the saints, who either look upward or contemplate the sky coming to them, see themselves as if from below. All the characters are written by the artist brightly and palpably, so that people in the church believe in the reality of the depicted and remain in a joyful and trembling state.

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