Infanta Maria Anna, Queen of Hungary by Diego Velasquez

Infanta Maria Anna, Queen of Hungary by Diego Velasquez

Painting of the Spanish painter Diego Velasquez “Infanta Maria Anna, Queen of Hungary.” The size of the portrait is 60 x 46 cm, canvas, oil. Infant, Infanta – in Spain and Portugal the title of all princes and princesses of the royal house; only in Spain since the XIV century, the heir to the throne carries the title of Prince of Asturias, and in Portugal before the secession of Brazil he wore the title of Prince of Brazil.

Infant or Infanta titles are Spanish princes and princesses retained even when they receive a throne in another country. What is personal property Infanta or Infanta,

called “Infantado.” Maria Anna of Spain – Spanish Infanta, the first wife of Ferdinand III, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Hungary. Maria Anna was the youngest daughter of the Spanish King Philip III and Margarita of Austria.

The younger sister of the French Queen Anne of Austria and the Spanish King Philip IV. The elder sister of Cardinal Infanta Ferdinand. In the early 1620s, English King James I considered Mary Anna as a possible bride for her son and heir to Charles I. Charles I even visited Madrid to meet her.

However, since Charles I refused to accept Catholicism, and Maria Anna refused to marry a Protestant, this union was not destined to take place. On February 20, 1631, Maria Anna married her cousin, the future Emperor Ferdinand III, from whom she had six children.

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