Dawn by Fedor Vasilyev

Dawn by Fedor Vasilyev

In his painting “Dawn” the artist describes a warm summer morning. In the foreground there is a quiet murmuring rivulet, its origin hiding in the wildly growing green of grass. A thin bank of the river is surrounded by rare reeds and plants. The land is damp, it seems that it has recently rained.

Then the wide green meadow opens. Nature revives and awakens after an overnight rest. Already here and there the sunlight that has penetrated, illuminate the trees and the river, forcing its waters to crumble into many tiny sparks. Trees, striking with splendid foliage, seem to touch the tops of the sky.

Everything froze. Even the wind does not dare to violate this magical silence of nature.

In the distance you can see the majestic mountains. And, if you look into the very depths of the picture, you can see the edge of the forest, hidden behind the grayish haze of the morning mist. The trees in the fog look like ghosts, like a mirage, which, if you approach it, immediately melts. The pre-dawn sky with light pinkish-bluish clouds on a white background complements the entire landscape. The artist with photographic precision depicted all the elements in the picture. Each stroke of the brush reflects a subtle imprint of the exciting author of the senses.

Looking at the picture, you want to breathe in full this fresh air of the early morning, mixed with the smell of fresh grass and the fragrance of meadow flowers. I want to lie down somewhere in the green and look long into the sky for a long time, squinting from the bright rays of the rising sun, meeting the dawn.

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