Wet meadow by Fedor Vasilyev

Wet meadow by Fedor Vasilyev

At first glance, there is nothing special about the picture of FA Vasiliev. But, in fact, it carries a great hidden philosophical meaning. The picture shows a meadow landscape after a recent rain. According to the idea of ​​the author landscape is a symbol of complex collisions of the human soul. The picture shows how the Upper Light enlightens itself with all that dark, not yet awakened, that is in the world. The time of the year in the picture is spring.

The author depicts nature in bright shades of greenery, which very clearly betray viewers all the beauty and vivacity of the young foliage. Flowering is, like, the beginning of a new life, which the author shamelessly show in his work. Only in the spring months, nature is so beautiful and charming. Now, after it rained, meadow grasses were saturated with life-giving force, and are ready to rejoice with their beauty again.

If you look closely, you can see that the sky, as if divided into two parts. On one half of it thunderclouds are still visible, on the other – already white transparent clouds are already bathed in the rays of the sun that has just come out. As if, evil and good forces met, and try to overcome each other. But the good power wins, and the dark clouds gradually part, passing the bright clouds.

In a small river you can see the reflection of the sky, so it creates the illusion that clouds exist simultaneously on the earth and in the sky. This gives some kind of integrity to the whole picture. The connection in a single overcast and sunny side allows us to show that the spring confrontation of cold and heat.

The whole work is very dynamic. Looking at the picture, there is a feeling that now clouds will begin to move across the sky, and meadow grasses will move from the rush of the cool wind.

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