Swallowtail by Salvador Dali

The painting “Swallowtail” is written in oil, and is famous for being the last picture of Salvador Dali, written according to the theory of catastrophes. The canvas was written and

Paranoid Face by Salvador Dali

During the time of cooperation with the surrealists, Dali had many new ideas and techniques, perhaps the most significant innovation was his “paranoid critical” method. With this method, Dali analyzes

The Last Supper by Salvador Dali

The artist’s fantasies on the themes of the Gospel fill the familiar plot with new content. Only outwardly the picture resembles the fresco of the great Leonardo. The atmosphere of

Dream II by Salvador Dali

The dream was written at a time when Dali and Gala found themselves an uncomfortable haven in a fishing hut at Port Ligat, which they later turned into a luxurious,