Anxious sign by Salvador Dali

A naked woman stands near a half-ruined wall with a window-loophole. Out of the window a piece of cloth hangs outward, resembling a lifeless body. The woman’s body is turned

Jupiter by Salvador Dali

The statue of Jupiter was created by order of the King of France. In the right hand the figure holds a lightning bolt, and in the left hand it holds

Nude by Salvador Dali

There are no flashy, sharply contrasting colors. The main colors are gray, reddish, terracotta, soft golden. The background – coastal rocks – a little blurred, and the woman’s body is

Funeral Game by Salvador Dali

By the end of the 1920s, Dali joined surrealism and developed a “paranoid – critical method” with which he extracted images and associations from his subconscious. The ‘funeral game’ was

Mountain lake by Salvador Dali

At the very beginning of his creative career, Dali wrote a series of landscapes of his homeland. Later he abandoned the generally accepted rules of painting, but Spanish landscapes were