Dizziness by Salvador Dali

Spicy scene on the roof of a tall tower. The timid morning sun, bashfully lighting a loving couple, draws out the shadows. The head of a lion, as a symbol

Mad Tristan by Salvador Dali

The history of the unfortunate lovers Tristan and Isolde occupied Dali for many years. He took so much that he, based on Wagner’s opera, created a libretto and scenery for

Warrior by Salvador Dali

Virtually the whole space of the canvas is occupied by the largest plan of the warrior’s face. Head in helmet, mouth covered with fingers bent fingers. From the warrior’s eye

Atavism of Twilight by Salvador Dali

“Atavism of twilight” is the work of Salvador Dali. To confuse this picture with the submission of another artist is difficult. The Dalian handwriting is discernible in the characteristic delirium,

Galatea spheres by Salvador Dali

Dali’s favorite model was his wife Gala. Many believed that she suppressed Dali with her phenomenal energy. Her first husband was the poet Paul Eluard, who said that Gala “is