The evaporated skull sodomizes the piano on the code by Salvador Dali

The evaporated skull sodomizes the piano on the code by Salvador Dali

Before you work surrealist Salvador Dali. The date of its execution – 1934, is the time of changes in the author’s personal life, and it is connected with the artist’s marriage to his Gal museum. It was this event that was the starting point of the change in the style of painting and themes of the author’s paintings. They became more vulgar, with a sexual overtones, perverted perception of all that was associated with sexual relations and, no matter with which object.

According to biographers Dali, sexual nauseous scenes pursued the artist, since the time when he was still a teenager. In the future, the search for a partner to meet their needs was lost among both sexual minorities and women much older than him. His preference for the surrealist in every way manifested in creativity, generating on the light, to put it mildly, depraved plots with a hint of dirt in relationships, decomposing genitals, a painful desire for masturbation and so on.

The presented picture is a clear confirmation of Dali’s irrepressible need for intercourse with what was horrible, when horrible and how. Receiving a frenzied pleasure from debauchery and uncleanliness of the act of copulation, the author immerses into his world those who became spectators of his canvases. “The evaporated skull sodomizes the piano on the code” embodies what swarmed in the man’s thoughts. This is the craving for necrophilia, transmitted in the form of a vanishing skull, as well as self-satisfaction and violence over someone spiritualized and pure, such as this piano.

The instrument is an inanimate object, but it embodies all the purity and joy of music, sonnets, etudes, with which we associate something beautiful and sublime. Despite the obvious violence of the bones over the unfortunate grand piano, the first in turn also feels pain, inconvenience and confusion, penetrating through the closed cover into the layout of the octaves. That’s why the skull “sodomizes” what the artist says. The long-range work plan is cut by architectural forms. I do not want to dwell on their meaning. And here are some other heroes of the event – people sitting on the terrace with their backs to the piano, cause bewilderment. Is not it? These backs and nape express complete indifference to debauchery and foreign pain. however, like ourselves, we sometimes remain blind to the grief of others.

Another stroke of the plot is an empty boat on the sand. It was not so funny if it was not so sad. The piano, to the great chagrin, is not able to save yourself on a small ship. Do not run away, do not hide from the white pointed bone. Why did Dali put the boat on shore? Could it be a step towards the retreat of the debauchee in the image of the skull? But why, because he already disappears and dissolves in his own lust…

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