Castle on a rock by Rob Gonsalves

Castle on a rock by Rob Gonsalves

The picture shows a rocky coast of some sea or ocean with a thin stripe of the beach below. First of all, the castle rushes into the eyes. It seems that this is a large structure belonging to some medieval king or duke. But this is only a sand castle, although it is done professionally, with many small details, so that a feeling of complete similarity is created.

Children near the castle on the right just apply the final finishing touches, a few more children are climbing the sand along the red stairs from the shore.

In general, the picture makes an impression somewhat unrealistic. The castle seems to be real, if you compare it with the little figure of the child below, but at the same time, it is clearly made of sand and does not exceed the height of an adult person. Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective, which distorts the size and distance: the staircase is shown small in height, but at the same time it seems that the distance from the castle to the sandy beach is very large, as the child is barely visible. Rocks of a lilac shade too add unreality to the picture depicted in the picture.

In general, the picture makes a very positive impression. The color scheme is chosen well, the picture has a plot and some kind of integrity. It seems to combine two images: a huge castle towering over the sea, and a sand castle, which children build. This combination awakens the imagination.

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