Architect by Rob Gonsalves

Architect by Rob Gonsalves

Looking at the picture of this Canadian artist, one can not but be amazed, above all, by the scale of his imagination.

The “Architect” painting gives us a double impression. It would seem that we have an ordinary story. But not everything is so simple. The picture is filled with some magic and helps our imagination to go beyond the usual vision. The artist tries to show us that everything impossible is possible. That we build the world around us. This fact is confirmed to us by children who lay out cubes in the picture.

In the painting “Architect” before our eyes there is an illusion that combines elements of reality and magic. But if you think about it, we face such an illusion every day. Passing sometimes along the street, we often do not notice something around. But the more often we go along the same path, the more noticeable things become for us. Similarly, with the painting “Architect.” With each new look at it, the meaning and meaning of the entire image changes. Deeper plunge into the plot also helps a well-chosen palette of colors.

Muted tones in the background and pronounced in the front make the transition from reality to a fairy tale so smooth that the toy house standing on the table in the park looks quite like a part of a large business building towering over it.

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