Portrait of Isabel Raustorner by Francis Bacon

Portrait of Isabel Raustorner by Francis Bacon

The painting “Portrait of Isabel Rausthorn” was written by Francis Bacon in 1967.

Monkey face with wide black eyebrows and smeared outline of lips – this is a portrait of a beauty, an aristocrat, always impeccably and stylishly dressed woman. With rough brush strokes of black paint, Bacon gave the blue mosaic background an additional expression.

Shards of blue glass on the ceiling are quite aggressive on the psyche of the viewer, perceiving the picture as something tragic.

The image of the gun barrels in the background also did not add to the portrait of femininity. Perhaps you need to respect very much both the artist himself and his work, so that if you see your image in such an unexpected version ready, do not exclaim indignantly: “For what? …”

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