And we work by Nicholas Roerich

And we work by Nicholas Roerich

The painting “And we work.” Early in the morning, when the sky is flooded with golden sunlight, the monks with buckets on the yoke leave the monastery, which is located high on the mountain. Slowly and quietly they move towards the river. Despite the fact that their burden is not easy, they humbly work, knowing the value of work aimed at the common good.

Their deep faith is masterfully transmitted by the artist with the help of painterly means. The first thing that the viewer observes is a bright golden color that fills the entire canvas. Like this all-pervading light, the sense of harmony, peace

and piety is born in the hard work of the monks.

The flowing outlines of the winding river, the inclined figures of the monks and the crescent-shaped rocker arms are repeated in the rounded curves of the hills. The rhythm of these elements gives the picture a special lightness and mystery and helps to convey that sense of balance and peace, which is achieved in constant everyday work.

By this work, Roerich seems to remind that the true meaning of life is understood and achieved through the ideals contained in the instructions of St. Sergius of Radonezh, which in a figurative form and was transmitted in each picture of the series “St.”.

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