Messenger. The clan was born on the clan by Nicholas Roerich

Messenger. The clan was born on the clan by Nicholas Roerich

Painting “messenger”. On canvas, the artist writes a story so long that it does not even preserve reliable data about those times. Only echoes of the 9th century, scraps, small particles are collected in the “Tale of Bygone Years”, which the future great painter studied with diligence.

In those days, there was no agreement on the Slavic lands – now the raids of the Varangians, then internal clashes. And now, having learned about the upcoming raid, the messenger hurries to the other side of the river with an alarming message: “the family has rebelled.” The architecture,

beliefs and the whole atmosphere of that era are detailed on the canvas.

On the hill stands an ancient Russian settlement, a palisade around it hung with skulls of horses – an ancient custom to protect against unhappiness. The picture is nocturnal, silent, two people in the boat are also quiet and thoughtful: in their lifetime Christian prophecy about wars comes true, it remains only to dutifully follow the intended path. The bright crescent of the moon peeps out from behind a hillock and illuminates the neighborhood. People of those centuries are wary figures, a sword at the hip. They slide in the little botched from the tree. In the picture, the exact archeographic details are strung on the thread of the most authentic life.

Interestingly, this picture was a thesis work of Nicholas Roerich. She attracted attention and P. Tretyakov bought it for his gallery.

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