Buddha winner by Nicholas Roerich

Buddha winner by Nicholas Roerich

Painting “Buddha the winner” in front of the source of life. Buddha Siddhartha Gautama – prince of the Shakya clan in North India. One of his names is Shakya Muni, the “shakya hermit.”

In the picture we see how the Buddha, overcoming gravity, hovers over the surface of the lake. Pay attention to the epithet “winner”. All the Great Teachings call for victory over oneself. Thus, in the Dhammapada, the sacred book of Buddhism, it is said: “If someone in a battle would have won a thousand people a thousand times, and the other would have won one, then this other

is the greatest winner in the battle.”

NK Roerich in his picture Buddha names the Winner and depicts him as a Winner, applying the appropriate symbolism. Without departing from the Buddhist iconographic canon, the Buddha appears before the viewer primarily as a person who is close and understandable to everyone. The Buddha is in solitude in front of the “eternal waters of life”, in a mountainous ancient cave.

In the center and at the top of the picture, the artist Roerich depicted the outlines of the sacred mountain Sumeru. The body of the Buddha is dark golden in color, the golden robe that symbolizes “the boundless shine of light.” Buddha’s pose is “vajra” or “lotus”, the traditional throne is missing under the Buddha, he sits directly on the rock, as if floating in the air.

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