The power of the caves by Nicholas Roerich

The power of the caves by Nicholas Roerich

The Power of the Caves is one of the most emotional paintings of the Maitreya series. Diagonal composition, “running” the outline of a rocky massif, repeating the bend of the river, silhouettes of distant mountains, streams of melting snow on the peaks reveal and emphasize the dynamism and internal tension of what is happening, reaching a concentrated expression in the color impulse of the Red Rider.

A huge rocky massif, cut by manholes-caves and chapels carved in the depths, solemnly rises above the bend of the river against the background of purple mountains and pinkish-bluish pearl peaks. For

centuries, in the temple rooms decorated with paintings and sculpture, pray and meditate in solitude to the yellow-headed monks, invoking the Blessed One and sending good thoughts into space to help people. Their fixed figures are an integral part of this mountain landscape.

The whimsical lines of the rocks and the holes in them are similar to the ancient hieroglyph, which contains a secret hidden from the uninitiated. This mystery is Shambala, where travelers, in search of happiness and knowledge, rush along underground passages. However, without the Call no one will go there. Only the righteous with pure thoughts and prepared karma reach a protective place. The ancient cave temples in which the Spirit is tempered serve as a visible threshold of the invisible Abode of the Wise.

The artist creates a large-scale, timeless image in a two-dimensional space, where they receive a logical development of the events of the past, present and future. The real world, manifested in the three elements – sky, earth and water, is permeated with powerful emanations of the aboveground world and is inspired by the premonition of the Maitreya phenomenon.

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