Breakfast by Diego Velasquez

Spanish artist Diego Velasquez was born and raised in Seville. His first works – to them belongs and the Hermitage “Breakfast” – are written in this city. Spanish art has

Meninas by Diego Velasquez

The painting “Meninas” is a recognized masterpiece of the artist. In describing the works of Velasquez, it was called “The Royal Family”, “The Family of Felipp IV”. The modern name

Sibylla by Diego Velasquez

Painting of the Spanish artist Diego Velasquez “Sibyl”. The size of the portrait is 62 x 50 cm, canvas, oil. Sibyls, legendary prophetesses, wandering prophetesses, mentioned by ancient authors; there

Spiny by Diego Velasquez

The canvas can be divided into two parts. In the foreground, the weavers conduct their quiet work, and on the second they depict the result of their activity – a