The Garden (Irises) by Claude Monet

The Garden (Irises) by Claude Monet

Claude to Giverny will leave forever And live almost half a century in happiness. He will remember violets sometimes… Here everything is alive – the house and the garden. In part, he will retain the manor’s former features… A. Sudyina The Norman garden of the artist’s family, Claude Monet, has been carefully preserved by descendants to this day.

Today, the painter’s manor became a museum, and until then the household was courted by the garden, not excluding Monet himself, and later confidants. Carefully planted trees and flowers, broken flower beds and multi-tiered greenhouses – all this is the work of a talented artist. Presented canvas “Garden” demonstrates the beauty of the violent bloom of lilac irises under the crowns of trees with red earrings. A field of fragrant inflorescences carpels a fairly large space.

Monet’s quivering attitude to his own creation is just as reverently conveyed to them in oil. A thin letter of the artist is interspersed with thick strokes. This is a special technique for giving volume to small parts. It can be seen that the iris glade runs off into the distance and ends at the very edge of the backwater. Warm velvet sand or earth mixed with clay can be seen between the strips of flower beds.

The contrast of the heliotropic palette and the red paths is enlivened by a blooming garden, and that piece of dull greenery that is visible in the background. Monet gave preference not to the chaotic arrangement of flower beds, but to their precise geometry. And here, the irises are planted in even strips, like a layer cake with plums – a layer of dough, a layer of berries. A delicious combination of colors does not give place to black coal soot. Actually, this was the idea of the first impressionists – no blackness and tar. The impression of color, the balance of light and shadow, the work with the sunny mood is the “Garden” performed by Monet in the literal and figurative sense. Interesting technique of the author. It is difficult to compare it with those that existed before. It is hard to believe that Monet was once among the banned authors. Although, what’s new in the already existing genre of art – painting?

Irises of the artist are endowed with a special radiance, obtained by a certain method of applying paint on canvas with small jerky strokes. And that “lilac”, which painted flowers, and other colors of the details of the picture – the result of mixing strokes of pure and additional colors. They just add up to the big picture at a certain distance according to the principle of spectral alignment. And so, what draws a picture? Garden in the Norman province in the town of Givinis – the family estate of Claude Monet, carefully kept today by the Paris Academy of Fine Arts.

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