Swing by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Swing by Pierre Auguste Renoir

The magnificent painting “Swing” – a vivid example of the individual style of Renoir. The storyline, composition, feature of the stroke, and of course the play of light, penetrating through the crowns of trees and falling into the earth by many sunbeams – this is Renoir, and there can be no error here.

The plot is simple – a young girl standing on a swing is crippled by a conversation with a man who has her back turned to the viewer. Witnesses of the conversation are another man and a little girl who either listen to the conversation or simply wait for it to end.

Today it is assumed that the model for the picture was Margarita Legrand, with whom Renoir met a year earlier, and a few years later the girl brought smallpox into the grave.

At first glance, the girl’s outfit draws attention to itself – a snow-white draped dress with a vertical line of coquettish blue bows. The color of this jewelry has something in common with the man’s jacket in the hat, however, it is contrasted in terms of style: the strict jacket of the man and the frivolous outfit of the girl.

In the background, you can see a group of strolling people, the silhouettes of which merge with the surrounding nature – and not immediately discern. But the main advantage of the work lies in the image of the sun penetrating through the leaves, so that the entire surrounding landscape is motley, exciting and alive.

A remarkable canvas with a cheerful character in its history has been in a private collection, and in the best museums of France, today it can be seen in the Orsay Museum, where it was transferred from the National Assembly Jeu de Pomme.

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