Self Portrait by Albreht Durer

Self Portrait by Albreht Durer

“Self Portrait” is one of the famous paintings of the artist, has long been stored in his family, and not intended for the general public.

In the self-portrait, we see still quite a young man with a beautiful face. His clever and slightly tired eyes stares at the viewer, Large lips, framed by a small beard and mustache, show sensuality and lust for love. Curly hair neat curls down below the shoulders trimmed with fur on the expensive clothes, the right hand is raised to her chest.

Innovation Durer was a picture of himself in the full-face portrait on the secular. Figures on secular portraits depicted in profile or in semi and only religious images could be performed in a manner of full face).

This image directly intersects with the icon-painting the image of Jesus Christ, the more that you can see the similarity of the artist face and Savior image. These canvases were typical of Renaissance artists, proclaimed the ideal of man, compares it with the earthly god.

Thus, the artist raises himself as a representative of this new time, which builds on a pedestal of man the creator. He himself, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, admitted that he wanted to perpetuate his name and a younger face, writing his “eternal painting”, which is not able to erase the death.

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