Portrait of Nikolai Struysky by Fedor Rokotov

Portrait of Nikolai Struysky by Fedor Rokotov

This is the second portrait from the pair portrait of the Struys couple – the wife of Nikolai Struysky.

The couple was unhappy in marriage, perhaps because Struysky was a very extraordinary, interesting, but also at the same time quarrelsome, sometimes strange man. He was a feudal landowner and fanatically loved poetry, art; he was a graphomaniac and even arranged a print shop on his estate. The artist keenly feels the eccentric nature of Struysky.

Dark eyes seem glowing in contrast with muted pale pink, and somewhere ashen tones of the face; lips curved in a strange half-smile.

Shimmering, subtlest undertones of painting gives the image a certain understatement, even mystery. The portrait was poorly preserved, the paint layer partially disappeared, but this gives the portrait even more mysteriousness.

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