Portrait of V. I. Maikov by Fedor Rokotov

Portrait of V. I. Maikov by Fedor Rokotov

Among the works of F. Rokotov, the portrait of Vasily Ivanovich Maikov stands out in particular, in the guise of which insight, the ironic mind of a talented poet, can be discerned behind the languid eternity. The sensual face of Maikov is written tangibly materially, and the color of the portrait, built on a combination of green and red, further emphasizes the fullness, vitality of the image.

This work is one of the most significant in the art of the XVIII century. Maykov himself, the author of “comic poems” and fabulist. He knows his worth, knows the price of life. A full face glows with contentment

from the day lived and a pleasure anticipated from the day of the future. The face twists the smile of knowing.

Rokotov captured the victoriously sensual complacency of a person, who seemed to be condescendingly broadcasting: “Live well, taste life” … But visible carnivorousness is not a philistine concept of the joys of being. Maikov tried to live “as duty and honor dictates” and called for moral self-purification: “oppose malice,” “the quality of the soul of bodily forces is more expensive” …

The work of the poet was interested in Diderot, Pushkin approved of his poem “Elisha”. Rokotov shows the poet’s attentive vigilance, his ability to mock, who knows no mercy. True and revealing pictures of life then we find in the poems and odes of Maikov. Admiring the courage of the Russian warriors, the poet says harshly about the war: “You are pouring poison on the ground…”. The most “earthly” in the work of the artist called this portrait. His background is bright, losing the usual mystery of Rokotov, as if a multicolor life runs through, so curious to the poet.

Looking at the portraits of Rokotov’s work, you think that each person seemed to the artist to be a unique phenomenon, an unusual, essential piece – flashes, it will disappear – the pain of irreplaceable loss will penetrate all of humanity. V. LIPATOV. Maikov, Vasily Ivanovich – a gifted poet, the son of a landowner. He served in the Semenov regiment, later held various civilian positions. He rotated in the society of masons, wrote odes, spiritual poems and other lyrical plays.

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