Portrait of Princess AA Bagration by Karl Bryullov

Portrait of Princess AA Bagration by Karl Bryullov

Bryullov attracted the inner world of man. Behind the secular ease and friendliness of Prince. Bagration emerges the image of a woman embraced by spiritual excitement.

In the elegance and gracefulness of her whole appearance, in the dark complexion with the thin oval face of the southerner and dreamily directed into the distance the big brown eyes, in the dignity with which she hides her experiences, there is the charm of poetry and romance.

An intimate tuning fork that gives the main tone to the artistic idea is a gentle combination of a beautifully written white silk cloak and a pink hood lining, this soft color gamut is slightly animated by the flickering of the blue sapphire ring of the princess.

Bryullov used in the image of AA Bagration the shape of an oval portrait, emphasizing the grace and grace of the woman’s appearance.

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