Nikita the first Russian flyer by Alexander Deineka

Nikita the first Russian flyer by Alexander Deineka

The artist painted a picture on the basis of a beautiful legend about the Russian Icarus, who jumped from the Crucifixion bell tower in the Alexander Sloboda in front of Ivan the Terrible.

The belltower is a masterpiece of the stone tent architecture of the 16th century. High, with six bells belfry, far outlooked from there neighborhood. People of every rank and fortune came to see the new “royal fun”. Everyone is looking up at the bell tower, where Nikita is going to “shine with wings”. Seeing the flight of people – who looks frightened, who closes his head with his hands, who

admire the courage of Nikita. Sources say that the “smerd Nikita, boyar son Lupatov serf”, making wooden wings, smeared them with wax, rolled in the fuzz and “aki bird,” flew from the Crucifixion bell tower. The flight was successful.

Having flown the fortress wall, Nikita landed on the bank of the Seraya River. And in the royal decree this is said: “Man is not a bird – he has no wings, and if anyone makes an invention of demons to their hands, he creates nature against nature.” And for this alliance with unclean force to chop off the inventor’s head. sacred liturgy fire burn. “

Nikita’s act is bold, he knew that he might die, but he still fought for his convictions. It’s good that even now there are people like Nikita who are not afraid to defend their convictions and prove the truth of their case.

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