Maternity by Vasily Nechitaylo

Maternity by Vasily Nechitaylo

This is a picture of happiness. I think that feeling that you are loved is just as pleasant as feeling the same tenderness yourself. That is why V. K. Nechitailo portrays the happiest people in the universe. Who can be more satisfied than a mother who holds the most precious creature for her? Involuntarily you begin to think about what this feeling is and why it is needed.

When a desired child is born, it makes the life of two people, his parents, more complete and meaningful. Feeling contagious. After all, the child understands that he is loved. This and gentle games with him, and talk, and affection. All this fills the life of the little karapuz, making him happy. The light of love in the picture of the artist symbolically reflects precisely this feeling – happiness. It flows directly from the window through the parent, which is firmly, but with tenderness holds the baby in her lap. Mom smiles at the child, he – to us.

From the furnishings only some signs of the presence of a burly man in the house are visible. This is a feeding bottle and a toy airplane. It’s like everything around this scene is concentrated. Patterned curtains serve as a backdrop. And the minor character depicted in the picture occupies all of its space, even where the mother and the child are painted, there is light. In his cloud, as if everything was wrapped in veil, as if it were both air and water, which were dipped into his head.

Warm tones gently convey the relationship of the mother to this little man. She even tries to caress him. Her sweet look, and caring hands, give him the assurance that nothing will be wrong with him. Somewhere in the back streets of his wise childish soul, he understands his happiness, for that he does not need a translator. Does he know how many bright and clear moments he gave his birth to his relatives? It seems to me that he feels it intuitively, and his children’s sly look speaks about it.

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