Allegory of Happiness by Agnolo Bronzino

Allegory of Happiness by Agnolo Bronzino

Painting Angelo Bronzino “Allegory of Happiness”. The size of the picture is 40 x 30 cm, wood, oil. The allegorical language of art reveals the artist’s versatility of such a concept as happiness.

Seated on the throne, a young woman symbolizing happiness in the center of the picture in one hand holds a cornucopia, in the other – a caduceus, which is a sign of Hermes, a symbol of good luck in trade, bringing wealth and prosperity. Glory is also in the broadest sense a synonym for happiness or its integral component; at the top of the picture one angel holds the laurel crown of the winner

over his head, the second literally “blows glory.”

Calmly and benevolently looks at all this Fortune, holding its wheel – not without its participation. The two-faced figure on the left reminds of the volatility of fate, and to the right the warrior woman holds a sword ready, in order to protect and protect the conquered happiness.

At the feet of the allegorical figure crawling in impotent rage incarnate evil evil creatures, lies the stricken enemy; kneeling person, symbolizes one of the main components of happiness – sovereignty, universal recognition and worship.

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