Landscape with two goats by Paul Gauguin

Landscape with two goats by Paul Gauguin

Connoisseurs and lovers of art history are well aware that Paul Gauguin has become a kind of pioneer in the development of Polynesia and Tahiti. He opened for the Europeans the exoticism of the Pacific island states, he lived there himself for a long time, observing the life and customs of the local residents. Of course, he drew a lot, especially from nature.

A simple Aboriginal way of life included hunting and fishing, cooking, raising children. Here, on one of the Hogenic landscapes, a smoldering fire is in the foreground. As if by this the artist seeks to emphasize the importance of fire for the harsh and full deprivation of life of the islanders. Still, they remained children of nature, and could only count on her mercy. On the radical reconstruction of life, speech could not be.

In the distance, a decent size hut can be seen, and back to us – two men holding hands man and woman. Even from the back in the man somehow guessed the artist himself, and in the girl – his thirteen-year-old beloved Tehura, the heroine of many of his paintings of the Tahitian period of creativity.

But still, special attention is drawn to the tall, long trunks of trees that extend like crowns to the sky itself. The color of the trunks itself is painfully bizarre – not only blue, or even with shades of violet. However, perhaps this is only a consequence of the game of color and shadow – after all, night reigns around.

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