Lamentation of Christ (Pieta) by Titian Vecellio

Lamentation of Christ (Pieta) by Titian Vecellio

Painting by artist Tiziano Vecellio “Lamentation of Christ”. The size of the picture is 352 x 349 cm, canvas, oil. One of the deepest thoughts and feelings of late Titian’s creations is “Pieta”, finished after the death of the artist already by his pupil Palma the Younger. Against the backdrop of a heavily carved gem of a heavily pressured niche framed by two statues, a group of people embraced by sorrow appears in the quivering dusk of twilight.

Maria holds on her knees the naked body of the deceased hero. She froze in immense grief, like a statue. Christ is not an emaciated ascetic and is not a “good shepherd”, but a husband who is defeated in an unequal struggle. With sorrow, the decrepit old man looks at Christ. Like the tinkling silence of the desolate world of despair, the swift gesture of Magdalene’s raised hand.

The flash of her fluttering golden-red hair, the restless color contrasts of her robes stand out sharply from the darkness of the gloomy tone of the picture. The expression of the face and movement of the whole figure of the stone statue of Moses, fierce and mournful, lit up by the bluish-gray wrong flickering of the dying day.

Tiziano transferred with extraordinary force in this canvas and the immeasurable depth of human grief and all its mournful beauty. The painting, created by Titian in the last years of his life, is a requiem dedicated to the beloved heroic images of the Renaissance that is passing into the past.

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