Henry VIII by Hans Holbein

Henry VIII by Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein paid much attention to the transfer of properties of plastic objects, the formation of light. He was attracted by the materials that were made of them depicted things. He very skillfully conveyed in the painting accessories, clothing that surrounds man. In the history of painting, he went as a very large master portrait.

When were religious wars, Holbein moved to England. And there are many years, he served at the court as a court painter. His work “Portrait of Henry VIII» – this is the only portrait of the wizard, which survives today.

England King Henry VIII – a very controversial figure. He was very capable in the sciences and music. He knew how to play several instruments, he had a beautiful voice. Over the 38 years of his reign there were many memorable events, and especially the fact that he had six wives, two of whom he ordered to be beheaded.

In the suit depicted the King buttons, jewelry made of gold, and the background is created with the help of a very precious in those days, the blue pigment.

Not knowing who is depicted in the picture, one can see in his attitude, clothes, jewelry that shows a very noble man. King was a large man. He is very proud, erect posture, half-bent hand holding a glove on both hands have rings. In his eyes, guessed intelligence, strength of character, some experience. His very little face reflects any emotions that may indicate his small secrecy.

His thin lips compressed, and say that he is a man vain, quickly achieve the desired aims. Such a person is always serious about his intentions.

The lower lip is thicker than the top, indicating that the ability to persuade, the ability to focus on business. Such people, he loves more cases, fewer words.

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